Slinfold Parish Cottages is a registered charity whose objective is to provide accommodation for those in need in the parish of Slinfold. The charity is run by a group of Trustees who are all volunteers and one paid officer.
To be eligible to join you must have lived for a significant period of your life in the Parish (whether or not you currently live in the Parish or have very close family living in the Parish.
The charity owns seven properties in Slinfold: five have two bedrooms and two have three bedrooms.
The charity also works with Horsham District Council and their housing allocations waiting list.
If you would like to be considered for you waiting list, please apply in writing stating your current circumstances, details of your local connection and how you can be contacted:

Mrs Sally O’Brien
Clerk to Slinfold Parish Cottages
P.O. Box 826
West Sussex RH12 9EX

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